Our specialized speech-language pathologists provide language, speech, academic, and executive functioning therapy services for students from preschool through adolescence.

Speech Language Therapy, Executive Function & Academic Therapy

Caring, Enthusiastic, & Engaging

Our goal is to be a trusted resource for families looking for communicative and academic support.  We are passionate about making sure each student is treated as an individual and receives the unique support they need to succeed.  We believe in ensuring that each session is fun, interactive, and functional.

Experienced & Effective

We integrate our knowledge of various programs, evidence-based techniques, and learning principles with our years of experience to ensure that we make a difference in the lives of each of our students.

Comprehensive & Individualized

Our team believes in developing and continually adapting an individualized treatment approach to provide engaging therapy that meets each student’s unique, dynamic needs.

“We could not be happier with the bond you have created with A and the study skills and academic confidence you are helping him develop. He has declared you ‘the best teacher and specialist ever who actually makes learning fun — I love going to Holly every week!’ Doesn’t get better than that! Seriously. I have NEVER heard A speak so enthusiastically about a teacher/coach/specialist. He loves his time with you and feels he is learning a lot. We are so grateful!”


Services are determined based on each individual’s needs, taking into account numerous factors such as their areas of weakness, severity, and attentional abilities.

K-12 Sessions


We offer a wide range of sessions based on each individual’s needs.



Intensive programs are offered to provide condensed “bursts” of therapy, so that skills may be built more quickly with greater carryover between sessions.




A screening is a beneficial initial step to identify whether concerns warrant a full evaluation.



We offer speech-language evaluations to provide communication diagnoses and identify the specific nature of communicative difficulties.



Our skilled speech-language pathologists and academic tutors are knowledgeable and practiced resources to help advocate for our client’s needs.

“In case we haven’t expressed it recently, just wanted to say thank you!!  Thank you for your wonderful support of C — you truly are excellent at your craft and C is so lucky to have the benefit of your depth of knowledge, your ability to break down concepts and teach them to him in concrete and meaningful ways, your patience with and belief in him, and your kind and fun personality.  Thank you.”